1. How much does it cost to have a problem solved by Dr.Maama Unusu?

You can be sure of one thing, your satisfaction and livelihood is Dr.Maama Unusu’s primary objective. The charges depend on the problem, but they are affordable and you will accommodate them comfortably in your wallet. The minimum for any of the services is $120.

2. How long does it take a problem to be solved?

It depends on a specific problem . Results can be seen anytime after the spell is cast to several months, with 48hrs to a month for results being normal

3. What are the possible modes of payment?

Payment can be made through debit order, cash deposit, and wire transfers.

4. Can your problem, not included in the services, be tackled?

Well, Dr.Maama Unusu can handle quite a number of problems and not all of them are included in the service menu. The best way to find out is to contact Dr. Maama Unusu.

5. Which is the best day to contact us and have Dr.Maama Unusu tackle your problem?

Anytime is good time. But since Dr.Maama Unusu has a very busy schedule, the best way to contact Dr.Maama Unusu is by email. Emails are replied within 24 hours once received and Dr.Maama Unusu can also set up a time to call you or for you to call if necessary. You can also reach a person on the other end of the call. Problems don’t wait, so do we.

6. I want to meet Dr. Unusu, what should I do?

As indicated in the home page, you don’t have to meet Dr.Maama Unusu for your problem to be tackled. But if you so desire, then we can organize for you to come to one of doctor’s locations or Dr.Maama Unusu can make arrangements to come to you.


For more, contact us on +256-793 66 0345.