Love Spells

 Magic voodoo love spells

Third party interference

Is there someone standing in the way between you and the one you love? Is there someone who is a potential threat to your marriage or relationship? This spell will help you fix this.

Love Spells
Get your lover or Ex back

Has your partner left you for someone else or some one has snatched your lover? This spell will make him realize that it was a big mistake to leave you and he or she will come back to you .

Binding love spell

Do you feel insecure in your relationship or does your partner have second thoughts about your relationship. This spell will bind you and your partner together. With this spell you can be sure that your partner will not leave you.

Attraction spell

Do you feel like you are unattractive to opposite or same sex ? This spell will help you attract a new love in your life. People will find you more attractive than ever before.

Turning a friend into lover spells

Do you have a friend you want to be more than a friend and you are afraid to tell them how you feel because this might ruin your friendship or not sure of how they will react. Then this spell is designed for you.

Make some one fall in love with you

Do you really love some one and they don’t feel the same way or is the person you love proving to hard to charm? This spell will create a very powerful bond and will make them fall fully for you.

Want your partner to be faithful
love spells

Is your partner cheating and lying to you? Have you tried every thing but no results. Say goodbye to all those tears and pain. This spell doesn’t only make them love you, but also be faithful, royal and trustworthy for long term. This spell will also cement your relationship.

Find new love spell

Are looking for your soul mate or perfect mate ? Have you tried but your relationships don’t last? This spell will  help you find new love .

Restore trust in your relationship

Have you cheated on your partner before and they don’t trust you anymore and this is causing problem in your relationship? With this spell you can restore your partner’s trust back .

Reunite with your lover spell

Do you feel like you are meant to be with some one and for some reasons your relationship didn’t work out or there were some obstacles in your relationship? This spell will reunite you with the one you love .

Stop divorce or separation

Are you having relationship or marriage problems and think you are heading for divorce or separation? Does your partner think that only solution is divorce or separation? Are you running out of options. This spell will prevent the divorce by strengthening, tightening, and protecting your relationship.

Marriage or commitment spell

Do you feel like its time for you and your partner to commit or get married and he doesn’t pop that question or she has rejected your proposal or unsure of your partner’s response? Then this spell will remove all the obstacles, fears preventing him or her from marrying you.

Forgiveness spell

Do you want your partner to forgive you or forget what bad thing you ever did in your relationship but this is not the case. Is this preventing any progress in your relationship. Are you constantly remained of your past mistakes by your partner? This spell will cause there heart to soften, forgive and forget about the past .

Break up spell/divorce /unbinding spell

If you want to break up with some one and you are not sure of what to say or how to go by or are you tired of being in a relationship and are looking for the easy way out. Are you tired up in an abusive or not satisfied in your relationship and are looking for an easy way out?  Are you tired of your partner and despite all signs, they don’t seem to notice it? You don’t need to stay held in a relationship you don’t enjoy. This spell will create the best way you can break up or divorce from someone without hurting there feelings.

Banish a past lover spell or obsessed some one

Is there a past lover who doesn’t let go or keeps on stalking you? Is some one obsessed with you and you have tried to everything but failed? Have you ended a relationship with someone and they won’t accept it? This spell will divert them into focusing or doing some thing else.

Gay or lesbian

Is your gay love relationship riding on a rocky way? Are you about to loose your gay lover? Does your partner have second doubts about your relationship?  Not with the power gay love spell from Dr.Maama Unusu. You can also make sure the relationship lasts for the period of time you want and make your partner remain faithful to you.

Customized love spell

You didn’t find your love problem in the list above or is your case complicated?  This spell is the answer to your problem, it is customized according to your particular love problem.