These are   testimonials  written by people around the world that were helped by Dr. Unusu to solve there problems. Dr.Unusu offers a free consultation which includes a complete review of your problem. 


Is your partner cheating on you?

I have been married for 15 years and have 3 beautiful children. At first my husband loved me so much but later he changed and stared drifting away though he provided me and my children every thing we needed. Bought us a very beautiful house in a prestigious area and would spend on any thing we wanted but that was not enough because I needed love from my husband. After conducting a thourogh investigation, I found out that my husband was cheating on me. I could see us going for the worst and would not allow it. After attending so many different marriage sessions with different marriage concilors, nothing still changed then I decided to do something different by contacting dr. Unusu and since then , I saw a different for better. I am now very happily married. Thank you so much Dr. Unusu.

Stenzel Heather, Beverly hills, USA
Email: stenzelheather@yahoo.com

Searching for a soul mate?

I searched for a permanent partner for a very long time and I got to the point of thinking that something was wrong with me because I would not be in a relationship for more than six months. I got so depressed and frustrated and almost gave up. Dr. Unusu helped me get a boy friend and married me after being together for 3 years. Not only did dr. Unusu help me get a partner but she also helped me get a partner who is very faithful to me . I would not have asked for anything better than what I have now. Am so grateful  for all your help.

Lucy Brown, Churchill, Canada
Email: lucyj246@hotmail.com

Reversing a cast spell

I have a very beautiful family , With out the need to show off, I can confidently say my husband is mine and mine alone. However, it was not always been this way. My husband started eyeing other women and began cheating on me with different women.The disgusting part of it is, he would care less about me and how I felt. I n particular , there was this one women who had stolen my husbands heart. M y kids and husband spent most of the time with her, moved in with her and eventually my husband filed for divorce. It was at this point that my hoping that my husband would “wake up” and return to me was shuttered by the pain realization that I was losing my husband and kids to another woman. After being a happy family for a long time it seemed we were heading for divorce and was losing everything important in my life. I had to do something I would not sit and watch anymore. After contacting dr. Unusu , she was able to find out that the woman had cast a love spell on my husband. She was able to reverse it in a few days and now my husband and kids are back with me were they belong . And that other woman is out of our lives for ever. We are now a happy family again thanks to dr.Unusu.

Jane Johnson, Bristol, England

Are your children out of control?

Am a single mom living with my three kids. My kids never listen to me and always got in trouble with the law. The doctors said that 2 of my kids suffered from hyperactive disorder and started giving them medication to manage there disorder but this did not work as they just got worse. After contacting dr. unusu I was able to get my kids life straight. My kids have been listening to me and no longer in getting in trouble and have grown into responsible adults. Thank you so much dr. Unusu.

Jenny Logan, New jersey, USA
Email: jenny-logan@aol.com

Looking for a child?

I have been married for 6 years and tried to have a child but would not. The doctors did several tests and check ups with me and my husband but did not seem to find anything wrong so they gave us some medication to help but still would not get pregnant. My husband I started getting so frustrated and this was eventually driving us apart to the point of divorce. After doing everything, we did not know what to do anymore, we had hit a wall but after deciding to get help from dr. Unusu everything changed forever from that point onwards. Now we have three beautiful children.

Katherine Lee, Pasadena, USA
Email: katherinelee@live.com


Want to excel in your academics?

I was a hard working medical student. Worked so hard but would not get that GPA I needed . I finally decided to contact dr. Unusu who was reffered to me by a friend . After that everything went smooth for me in school, passed all my exams and graduated as a top student and am now living my dreams.

Richard Karman, Weinberg, SA
Email: richardkaman@ymail.comm

Can’t get rid of that smell?

My husband used to complain of bad smell while we had sexual intercourse .I Seek and got all the medical help but could not help get rid of the smell. My husband stopped being intimate with me and started cheating on me. But Unusu was able to get rid of my smell after I contacted her. Now am enjoying intimate relationship with my husband.

Amanda Pozesa, Durban, SA

Experiencing sexual dysfunction?

I kept on moving from one relationship to another. My penis was very small and wouldn’t keep an erection long enough to satisfy my partner. Sometimes I was unable to get an erection or may have early ejaculation. This was so frustrating because I would feel so shameful and also lost my partners. My doctor prescribed many different medicines but this did not help me at all. I was almost giving up on my sexual life and knew that I had to do something about it. Contacting Dr.Unusu was the best thing I had ever done in my life because it changed my love life forever. Thanks to Dr.Unusu, now I have been with my partner for more than 6 years.

Mike Miller, Worcester, USA
Email: mmike8401@gmail.com

Struggling at with work?

I have been in the corporate field for the last 46 years. Even though I have been working, I have never held on a single position for more than a year. This is despite the fact that I work hard and invest my best in the post. Inconveniences happen that seem to push me out of the position before long, I am either fired or the work is no longer needed. Even in my side businesses, seemed to be treading on a dry stone, I couldn’t break my way through. But after I contacted dr. Unusu, I have been on an upward economic drift. I have now been in my latest employment for more than two years now. And guess what, I have been promoted with an increase of my salary as well as other job incentives. In my side businesses, I am doing pretty well than before now.

John Adams, Oxford, England
Email: john-adams87@aim.com


Searching for your gay lost lover?

I began dating at around the age of 14 years. After a year of self-orientation and realization, I realized that I was more open, comfortable and confident in the company of fellow girls. By the age of 15 years, I was certain that I was a lesbian and I them started dating girls. I dated several girls, but at 26 years, I met this one girl who I felt something more intense than what I have felt with other girls. We dated for a year and it was growing to something more than a casual gay relationship to a stable relationship. But then she started having cold feet and backtracking. I realized she was facing pressure from her parents who were not in support of her gay life. She for about a year dated men and other girls. But because I loved her and wanted her back, I consulted with Dr. Unusu who casts gay love spells. 4 days after Unusu cast her spell, she contacted me and since then, we have never looked back. 4 years later, we are stable and we have a happy love life that I could not have thought of.

Rowena Williams, New York USA
Email: rowenawilliams2@aol.com